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Our Founder


Amelia E. Heuel : Founder

Through her own healing and setbacks from complex trauma, Amelia Heuel recognized a need for more mental health awareness and support for professionals, survivors, and the general population.

Everyone faces trauma to some degree in their lifetime. Even loving families with the best intentions experience life-changing events such as divorce, death, natural disasters, being victims of crime, war, or even unconsciously perpetuating generational and developmental trauma while unknowingly being victims themselves.

As she researched, she realized that much of the information available online was disbanded and sparse at best, especially to newcomers. Even professionals aren’t always offered trauma education within their core curriculum at schools, and clients worldwide rely on the therapist acquiring this knowledge as part of their continuing education.

Thus with a career spanning the film industry, motion graphics, marketing, website design, search engine optimization, animation, and fine art, Amelia decided that transitioning to starting an online company focused on trauma seemed ideal for our world that is in need of healing on so many levels. Even more, she is setting a new standard for how companies can be run with a focus on giving back as she believes one must be the example they wish to see in the world.


“Heal yourself first, and then you will know how to help heal the world.”