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52 Brain Boosting Activities for Groups Book


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Fun and engaging mental exercises that use cognitive skills Reproducible activities with step-by-step instructions Activities are rated as easy, moderate, or challenging May be used in conjunction with the Brain Booster Cards Grades: 9 and up 52 Brain Boosting Activities for Groups by Rick Germann, MA, LCPC. Challenge teens with these fun and engaging mental workout exercises that use cognitive skills to: improve memory, decision-making, problem-solving, concentration, thinking skills, and creativity. Each activity is reproducible with step-by-step instructions for leading the activity, processing suggestions, and tips to adjust the activities to the functioning level of the participants. Activities are rated easy, moderate, or challenging.This book is designed to be user-friendly and applicable to a variety of settings. Spiral-bound, 52 pages. Intended for grades 9 and up. This book is part of the 52 Brain Boosting Activities For Groups set. Click here to purchase the book and cards as a set.

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