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Anger Control StoryCards


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Anger Control StoryCardsby Berthold Berg, Ph.D.This is a superb tool for both assessment of and intervention in anger control problems. Detailed instructions guide you through therapeutic storytelling techniques; beautiful illustrations and engaging story prompts keep children involved. Perfect for therapists who want to add structure to a client-centered approach.Contents:???? Part I: Distinguishing Between Aggressive and Non-aggressive Acts???? Part II: Empathizing with Victim’s Feelings???? Part III: Feelings Underlying Anger???? Part IV: Generating and Evaluating Alternatives???? Part V: Others’ Opinions on Aggression???? Part VI: Understanding and Using Self-Talk to Control AngerThe Anger Control GameThe Anger Control Game teaches children the skills they need for effective anger control. It is particularly helpful in treating conduct-disordered children or those with temper control problems.Based on cognitive-behavioral principles, <span mce_name=”em” mce_style=”font-style: italic;” class=”

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