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Anthropological Fieldwork: A Relational Process



Anthropologists are affected by and affect others through emotional engagement; they manage emotions or allow them to unfold as vehicles of understanding. The contributors to this volume argue that participant observation is an embodied relational process mediated by emotions. If fieldwork is to attain its fullest potential, emotional reflexivity must complement the wider reflexive task of anthropologists. This makes particular demands on the training of anthropologists, and the contributors to this volume propose new ways of practising emotional reflexivity (such as radical empiricism) that enhance anthropological knowledge. Emotions in anthropology are explored from a variety of methodological and theoretical standpoints, drawing on fieldwork in Nepal, the UK, Taiwan, Russia, India and the Philippines.

Editor: Davies, James, Editor: Spencer, Dimitrina

Topic: Archaeology / Anthropology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1443817546
Language: English
Pages: 259

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