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Are You Tired Again?…I Understand* (Single Copy-Living with chronic illness)


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Are You Tired Again?…I Understand*An Activities Workbook to Help Children Understand and Live With a Person Who Has a Chronic Illness or Disabilityby Marilyn W. Deutsch, Ph.D.; illustrated by Gary Cangemi?? ??Chronic disease often strikes people,??typically women,??in the prime of life and has wide-ranging implications for the rest of the family, especially children. This reassuring activity and coloring book is for children with a chronically ill parent,??children who often feel guilty, neglected, lonely, helpless, and afraid. It gives these youngsters the tools they need to work through their feelings, while gently explaining why mom isn’t getting better, why she’s always tired, and how the family can still enjoy life and function as a family. It can be used with individuals or with support groups. Its net effect is to help not only children but also patients themselves,??by relieving stress in the family and reassuring parents who are worried about how their condition is affecting their children.??

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