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At a Glance’ Religious and Spiritual Competency for Psychotherapists


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This book was written to assist anyone working in the helping professions. Its easy-to-use format provides the important foundational information about a client’s religious/spiritual background, and has already helped numerous professionals toward their goal of multicultural competency. Reaching Multicultural competency can be an ominous on-going task for a helping professional. The author realized that even though she had focused her studies on multicultural and religious/spiritual diversity, she needed a way to remember specific details. Thus, she conceived of this book as a way to assist herself and others who work with multicultural clients. This book offers an easily accessible, quickly readable overview of the religious and spiritual views of many traditions. It provides a brief look at various categories especially important to a helping professional, including: view of a deity, marriage, birth control, male/female roles, therapy, medication, euthanasia, etc. It also contains a brief historical overview of each tradition.

Author: D’Haven Ma MDIV, Janine

Media: Book
ISBN: 1425906842
Language: English
Pages: 148

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