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Breathing Slower and Less: The Greatest Health Discovery Ever


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Tired of endless diets and dieting for weight loss or less medication? Want a health therapy that is based on exact goals (with specific numbers for you to achieve!) and provides a guarantee of ideal health and absence of chronic disease, medication, and symptoms? Want to know more about the method (the Buteyko breathing method) that was used for the best ever known clinical trial on cancer and 6 most effective trials on asthma? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you are on the right page. You can eat tons of supplements and super foods, drink canisters of super drinks, have 100’s of colonic irrigations, and practice yoga for hours every day, but, if your breathing remains unchanged, your symptoms, doses of medication, chronic insomnia, and other health problems will likely remain unchanged too. This is because correct breathing brings vital oxygen, and less than 95% of modern people have right breathing. Modern people, including so called “normal subjects,” simply breathe too much air day and night. (Exact charts, graphs, studies and numbers are inside the book.) People also believe that it is good to breathe more air at rest, but overbreathing reduces O2 levels in cells. The most successful clinical trial in the whole history of cancer research was conducted using the Buteyko method. The results of this trial on 120 people with metastatic cancer (early metastasis) were published in the Ukrainian Oncology Journal. The group that practiced reduced Buteyko breathing exercises had 6 times less mortality in 3 years in comparison with the control group. (See “Doctors Who Cure Cancer” for more detail.) Here is another fact: 6 most effective Western clinical trials on asthma were conducted using the same Buteyko method that targets elimination of chronic hyperventilation. Diets, yoga and any other “natural” or holistic therapy is not even remotely close to breathing normalization. What is common for cancer and asthma? Symptoms and development of these health problems correlates with O2 levels in body cells. But this is true not only for cancer and asthma, we need more oxygen in body cells to prevent and fight over 150 most popular modern diseases! The conditions are ranging from heart disease and cancer, the main killers in the west, to hormonal and digestive problems, diabetes, and asthma. Natural weight loss and great sleep are common side effects of breathing normalization known to any Buteyko breathing teacher. This book provides an introduction to the Buteyko breathing method and breathing retraining. It provides results of 100s of studies, review of lifestyle factors and clinical trials, effects of breathing retraining on common health problems, as well as analysis of the most important questions related to breathing retraining and long-term success in health restoration. For exact topics covered in this book, see titles of chapters and sections.

Author: Rakhimov, Artour

Topic: Consumer Health
Media: Book
ISBN: 1496179420
Language: English
Pages: 168

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