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Customer Parking Only Sign 18″ x 12″


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Keep Your Lanes Clear

Every property manager and business owner has responsibilities ? to keep parking lots navigable for customers and tenants, without unnecessary obstruction, as well as utilizing their available space in service of their business’s objectives. Our 8″ x 12″ “Customer Parking Only” sign comes on heavy duty, 1mm thick aluminum, with a weather-resistant UV coating to battle rust, sun, and rain. The sign’s reflective surface will help keep it visible even at night, while two pre-drilled holes allow quick and versatile hanging solutions.

Why You’ll Love It:

Our signs are made of high-quality aluminum, and the resilient UV coating should ensure your sign remains undamaged by the wear and tear of everyday use. The reflective surface has great visibility and should help reduce confusion in your parking lots, curbs, and loading areas.

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