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D-Tour: My Unexpected Journey to Joy Through Ptsd



Anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other stress-related conditions are controlling our lives, affecting our health and happiness-and they are killing us! Gregory A. Wirt, a Vietnam veteran who moved to Australia in 1972 after becoming disillusioned with the turmoil in America, felt as though he were in a downward spiral when he was diagnosed with PTSD in his early fifties. Instead of letting it overwhelm him, he sought to overcome it to live a better life. In D-Tour, he shares the unlikely journey that set him on a path of development through dips, dives, and discoveries-and ultimately to a better life. In sharing his story and baring his soul beyond sensibility and reason, he hopes to give others a space to do the same so they can heal. Throughout his story, he shares ways to attain and maintain optimum wellness in body, mind, and spirit; encourages others to fall in love with life and live it to the fullest; and provides information to further the pursuit of wellness. Veterans, victims of abuse, and anyone suffering from stress will be inspired and equipped to reclaim their lives by joining the author on his journey.

Author: Wirt, Gregory a

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1504316630
Language: English
Pages: 302

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