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Developments in Qualitative Psychotherapy Research


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This book examines developments in qualitative psychotherapeutic research. It focuses on different methods and aspects of clinical practice. These range from the experiences of service users and clinicians, examining in detail different aspects of how therapy gets done in practice, to critiquing the politics and ideologies of psychotherapy practice. It aims to reflect the diversity that characterises this developing field and to represent practice-based research carried out in different clinical settings, from different perspectives and in different sociocultural contexts.

The wide range of research projects presented arise from a network of clinicians and psychotherapy researchers who have established an international transdisciplinary forum for dedicated qualitative research on a range of topics in the field of mental health, using a variety of methodologies and theoretical approaches. In the spirit of dialogue, this book further provides chapters written by key practitioners in the field of qualitative research in mental health discussing these contributions.

This book was originally published as a special issue of the European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Editor: Loewenthal, del, Editor: Avdi, Evrinomy

Media: Book
ISBN: 1138614033
Language: English
Pages: 334

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