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Embrace of the Daimon: The Ecstatic Promise of the Dark



Some call the imaginal the realm of the archetypes, the home of the gods and goddesses, the land of the daimon, or the source of creativity. Others simply call it the soul. The daimon of the imaginal world facilitate the incarnation of soul into the physical body, and transforming these dark energies allows us to progress as spiritual beings, to live life from a more conscious view. Sandra Dennis suggests that attitudes devaluing the erotic, feminine, instinctual energies particularly those of sexuality, and destructiveness and the marginalization of bodily sensation itself, block these daimonic soul images from incarnating. She discusses our tendency to block these transforming forces and offers suggestions on how to embrace and reclaim them to allow for a more integrated existence. She explains sensations associated with daimonic imagery fragmentation, rage, anxiety, pain, also the other side ecstasy, bliss, orgasmic release understanding that all of these sensations form the basis for profound change in the sense of self. Bibliography. Index.

Author: Dennis, Sandra Lee, Foreword by: Moore, Thomas

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 892540567
Language: English
Pages: 281

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