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Expressive Movement Therapy


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After many years of clinical work with drug addicts at the Centre for Treatment of Drug Addiction (CZOPD), we found that the majority of drug addicts shows a negligent, negative or indifferent, sometimes even aggressive attitude toward their body We have, however, noticed certain changes in attitude toward the body during intensive expressive movement therapy treatment. The group Expressive movement therapy (EMT)combines various elements: relating to and working with one’s body, talking about one’s feelings and establishing social relationships. EMT follows the theory and practice of group analytical psychotherapy. It includes non-verbal, free and creative expression with movement, which serves as a starting-point to talk about feelings, thoughts, memories and associations. At the same time the Expressive movement therapy places each individual in a group, giving him the experience of social communication and a sense of belonging. Primary purpose of the book is to provide information, training and counselling. It is especially useful for those in treatment for drug dependence, their relatives, friends, teachers, counsellors and therapists.

Author: Petek, Jozica

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 363927394X
Language: English
Pages: 96

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