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Fear Memory Integration: A Natural Health Alternative to Conventional Psychotherapies


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Neurosis is not a medical condition. Rather, it is a chronic functional disorder of the autonomic nervous system resulting from environmental conditioning, which begins in the womb. It is caused by the imprinting of, and the continuous retrieval and repression of, fear memories. This imbalance interferes with the nervous system’s ability to correctly respond to present sensory input and precipitates toxicosis of the autonomic nervous system. The nervous system’s attempts to detoxify itself results in ongoing exaggerated autonomic responses such as rage, anxiety, and depression. Neurosis can be healed by intentional fear memory retrieval, in portions that are small enough to be holistically integrated. This process reverses the condition of neural toxicosis, thereby relieving excessive mood swings. Neurotic tension, and the act out that is driven by this tension, is also decreased in direct proportion to the amount of fear memory that is processed. All of the symptoms that are presently being catalogued and grouped into separate and overlapping categories of mental illness, are actually each person’s unique, learned responses to their automatic fear memory recall. The neurotic act out is a symptom, which is a projection of the constantly occurring fear response onto a present situation.

Author: Pullaro, Jim

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 595365140
Language: English
Pages: 96

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