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Healing Trauma from the Inside Out: Practices from the East and West


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(Illustrations in black and white.)

We have all had some trauma in our lives which can compromise our nervous system. Healing Trauma from the Inside Out, Practices from the East and West offers skills to help restore your system back to wholeness. The intention of the book is to help assist you in creating a deeper understanding, intimacy, and appreciation of YOU. In addition, the book includes beautiful artwork by Sarah Szabo.

“Pamela Tinkham’s delightful new book teaches us about the deeply healing nature of mind-body work. She is practical and poetic-and easy to read. Through Pamela’s personal journey and teachings, we learn about the integration of yoga, psychotherapy, exercise, and meditation; and fascinating new ways to heal trauma. This is an exciting book. For those of us who are interested in mind-body care, Pamela Tinkham provides a clear path forward. Well done.”

“As the field of neuroscience advances, we find more and more about the strong interconnection between mind, brain, and body, how thoughts and chemistry weave their way into emotion and spirituality. The ‘head bone’ is surely connected to the ‘body bone.’ Pamela Tinkham knows this and thoughtfully shows us how that interconnection can take us on a pathway out of personal darkness. You will want to join her on this heartfelt and meaningful journey toward the light.”

“In my opinion the Art of medicine is fully expressed when East (or Eastern ways of medicine) meets West. Pamela has the same philosophy and for this I have trusted in her care of my patients.”

Author: Tinkham Lcsw, Pamela, Designed by: Aronica-Buck, Barbara, Editor: Mortenson, Linda

Topic: Inspirational
Media: Book
ISBN: 1543049923
Language: English
Pages: 272

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