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Leonardo Da Vinci: Large Print


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Leonardo da Vinci: Large Print By Sigmund Freud The peculiarity of this emotional and sexual life viewed in connection with Leonardo’s double nature as an artist and investigator can be grasped only in one way. Of the biographers to whom psychological viewpoints are often very foreign, only one, Edm. Solmi, has to my knowledge approached the solution of the riddle. But a writer, Dimitri Sergewitsch Merejkowski, who selected Leonardo as the hero of a great historical novel has based his delineation on such an understanding of this unusual man, and if not in dry words he gave unmistakable utterance in plastic expression in the manner of a poet.[16] Solmi judges Leonardo as follows: “But the unrequited desire to understand everything surrounding him, and with cold reflection to discover the deepest secret of everything that is perfect, has condemned Leonardo’s works to remain forever unfinished.”

Author: Freud, Sigmund

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1727693248
Language: English
Pages: 60

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