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Life Management Skills VI Cards


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Can be used in conjunction with the Life Management Skills VI Book Topics: anxiety and fear, expressive arts, goal setting, healthy living, independent living skills, and more Includes 63 cards and 9 blank cards These cards are designed to facilitate discussions & development of life management skills. They cover a wide variety of topics. Topics:??Anxiety/Fear,??Expressive Arts,??Goal Setting,??Healthy Living,??Independent Living Skills,??Interpersonal Skills,??Leisure,??Personal Responsibility,??Positive Outlook,??Recovery,??Relationships,??Self-Esteem,??Spirituality,??Stress Management,??Therapeutic Treatment. For 4-14 players. Examples: When you are angry with a close family member or friend, how do you handle it? What is something you are working on for your own self-growth or improvement? How do you know you are making progress? Do others see it? This product is also part of the Life Management Skills Card Set.

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