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Male and Female psychologist poster


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We are proud to offer this Men and Women of Psychology Poster. It is Anatomology original artwork. This poster measures 18 by 24 inches. They are of of excellent quality The paper is printed on acid free cover stock and its matte finish colors are exceptional. It features twelve notable female psychologist: Margaret Washburn, Mary Calkins, Karen Horney, Anna Freud, Mary Ainsworth, and Mamie Phipps-Clark, Sigmund Freud, B.F Skinner, Carl Jung, Jean Piaget, Ivan Pavlov, and William James.We hope that it will serve as an inspiration for the love of psychology. *Margaret Washburn was the first woman to ear a PhD. in psychology. She specialized in animal behavior and motor theory development. *Mary Calkins was the first woman president of APA. She studied under William James and was initially denied her PhD. because she was a woman. *Karen Horney was a German psychoanalyst who questioned Freudian theory. Notably, she provided womb envy as a counter argument to Freud’s penis envy. She is credited as being a pioneer feminist psychologist. *Anna Freud was Sigmund Freud’s daughter. She made great contributions to the field of Psychoanalysis. *Mary Ainsworth is a Canadian born developmental psychologist who was famous for her strange situation and attachment style research. *Mamie Phipps-Clark along with her husband were the first African-Americans to earn their doctorate degrees from Columbia University. The husband-wife team conducted the famous bland and white doll study that illustrated internalized racism and the negative effects of segregation. We are limited in our description to a certain number of words, so we cannot post the accomplishments of the men here. Please note- watermark will be removed from your purchased poster. It serves as a copyright to establish that this is our original artwork and may not be used without permission.
Printed on High Quality Photo Poster paper
Full color artistic designs of 5 famous Psychologists Size 18 by 24 inches
The Psych Store/Anatomology is the artist and owner of the image- Ships directly from the USA
Great for your office or a gift for a psychologist

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