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Money: The Root Curse of Domestic Violence


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The book tells the story of the authors’ experience as a survivor of domestic violence and the unique challenge of money problems being a contributing factor to the issues the author faced. The book teaches practical ways for women in a similar position how to create wealth for themselves whether or not the victim or survivor has money. The examples given by the author are to help women to gain back their confidence so that they do not feel trapped to remain in a dangerous relationship just because money is an issue.The book is short and easy to read. It is laid out in Phases with one such phase titled Security and Sanity. In this phase, great emphasis is placed on these two very important factors irrespective of any other phase in the book.The book definitely tells a story about the authors’ life, however, the book is more of a self-help guide for women who are living in or have lived in silence for way too long because money has forced them to live this way.The book will make you laugh, possibly feel tearful and even force you to say, “wow, I never knew that other women have gone through the same thing too”.The book is not intended to name and shame the authors’ aggressor, but to help shed light on a subject matter that many women around the world, particularly Africa where it is a taboo to discuss violence from a man or husband towards a woman or wife.

Author: Sawyerr, Deborah

Topic: Inspirational
Media: Book
ISBN: 995590702
Language: English
Pages: 38

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