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Myths of a Merciful God


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Poignant, riveting, full of rage and beauty, Myths of a Merciful God takes us on the unforgettable journey of one woman’s quest to overcome unimaginable loss. At the heart of the story is a profoundly difficult question: How does one survive a tragedy as unspeakable as the death of a child?

Through the literal and figurative journey upon which this child’s mother embarks in the aftermath of this loss, and the people she encounters along the way, Myths of a Merciful God explores the concepts of divine retribution and intervention versus the gaping silence of an indifferent universe, moral turpitude versus the virtue of well-kept secrets, and whether the absence of religion in a person’s life helps, hinders, or makes no difference in one’s ability to find a way back toward wholeness.

Author: Ceilan, Cynthia

Media: Book
ISBN: 991332911
Language: English
Pages: 268

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