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PEP Talks Cards Set of 4


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Have techniques for coping with common issues in a portable style! Versatile cards can be used in a variety of styles and settingsCards feature either an inspiring quote, psychological techniques, or action tasksTopics include: Self-Confidence, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and DepressionIncludes 4 sets with 55 cards each and a carrying caseWouldn’t it be great to have the expert advice of a psychologist to carry around with you? Now you can, with our new PEP Talks card decks Set of 4, written by internationally recognized psychologist, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro. Each deck contains 55 cards with inspiring quotes and psychological techniques as well as action tasks. Each card in all of the decks has three parts: on the front is a quote or simple psychological technique, on the back is an explanation of the quote or technique, and also on the back is a behavioral assignment. You can use the cards any way you like. You can try a new card every day or every week or whenever you need a little “pep talk.” Just pick a card and you or your clients will take another step forward towards a deep sense of emotional control and well-being. Can be used for individual counseling or group discussions, as well as a home wellness program. These cards are not intended to replace psychotherapy or counseling, but they may be an aid to the therapeutic process. Each card deck comes in a handsome tin box. Set includes one each of the following card decks: PEP Talks for Building Self-Confidence PEP Talks for Coping with Stress PEP Talks for Overcoming Anxiety and Fear PEP Talks for Overcoming Depression

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