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Post-Traumatic Thriving


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In Post-Traumatic Thriving, Dr. Randall Bell sits down with the survivors of the Holocaust, murder-victim’s families, crime, suicide survivors, homelessness, disasters, addictions, depression, death, divorce, disabilities, defeats and disease – to explore the rare thrivers mindset. Through this unprecedented research, Dr. Bell reveals how … -A deaf man with a glass eye invented the electric guitar and became a household name, remarkably wealthy and most importantly, happy -A convicted murder took responsibility for the damage he caused, went to college, became a minister and turned around the hearts of the most hardened criminals -A girl born with cerebral palsy landed the world’s first role to star on national television, and spoke at the White House three times -A woman hid in a basement for years and lost her entire family in the Holocaust found true love and paints stunning artwork -The sister of a murder victim helped millions of women in toxic domestic relationships -A woman’s car crash resulted in an addiction to prescription drugs, a divorce, a loss of her children and a cot in a homeless shelter, only to rebuild it all back and more -A man set to go to the Olympics had his hopes dashed by Jimmy Carter, and we ahead and built a worldwide business empire Ultimately, Dr. Bell documents the science of happiness, as well as the individual styles and common thread that all post-traumatic thrivers have to emerge with a fulfilling life.

Author: Bell, Randall

Media: Book
ISBN: 996793178
Language: English

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