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Professional Activity Manager and Consultant


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To be able to manage something, or someone, can be a spectacular experience. To nurture, lead, influence and then to let go is what managing and consulting are all about. Having the strength to let someone learn from his/her mistakes and also your teaching is, at times, like walking on a high wire. But, a good manager or consultant knows how to “be there” when needed and how to fade into the background when not. The ability to know when to be there and when not to may seem, to some, to require an innate sense. A sense that is mystical. If management was truly mystical, there would not be as many good managers as there are. No, both management and consulting are built upon reason and rules. Reason and rules can be learned. That is what this book is about – helping you become that “mystical” manager or consultant – someone so skilled at what s/he does that others think s/he is using an innate sense and not just reasons and rules. This is the reference book that every manager or consultant needs to have! Whether you are a recreational therapist, activity professional, occupational therapist, or other type of therapist, this book provides you with hands-on instruction to excel at your job as a manager or consultant. The forty-two chapters are divided into ten sections: Introduction to Management and Consulting, Competency and Ethical Issues, Regulatory Issues, The Facility, Staffing, Adult Learning, Evaluation, Overview of Consulting, Consulting Techniques, and Managing a Consulting Business. The book contains many ready-made forms, checklists for quality assurance, and other quick reference sections to help you locate the information you need.

Editor: D’Antonio-Nocera, Anne, Editor: DeBolt, Nancy, Editor: Touhey, Nadine

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 1882883241
Language: English
Pages: 450

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