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Resources for Teaching as and A2 Level Psychology 2nd Edition


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About the Resources CD

Our AS and A2 Level texts are supported by extensive multi-media resource materials on a CD-ROM, Resources for Teaching AS & A2 Psychology: Complete Teacher and Student materials. The revised version of this CD-ROM has been fully updated to support the new third edition of Eysenck’s Psychology for AS Level and the latest AS specification requirements.

The CD-ROM has been organised into two packages, one which follows the AS course and one which follows the A2 course. Within these two packages, the resources have been organised into Student Materials and Teacher Materials.

Resources for Teaching AS & A2 Level Psychology: Student Materials

The Student Materials package includes all the materials that the teacher would wish to install on the student machines. It may be installed simply by clicking on the install button and is menu driven for easy navigation. The Student Materials include:

  • A menu-driven interface, arranged by topic for both the AS and A2 Level specifications. Links will be provided for specific topics such as Memory to all other featured resources.
  • A preconfigured MCQ testbank of over 780 interactive multiple-choice questions at AS and A2 Level.
  • The fully updated and revised Psychology for AS Level Workbook in pdf format, which includes structured worksheets for students to fill in as they progress through the course, as well as revision summaries and crib sheets for each topic.
  • A set of AS Key Studies representing each of the key topic areas, presented in APFCC format and accompanied by stimulus ideas for student replication.
  • Up-to-date accounts of current research that tie in with the AS specification to provide further detail of selected critical issues and Key Studies.
  • Five computer-based interactive exercises for AS Level: Introduction to Psychology: Perspectives; Cognitive Psychology: Human Memory; Research Methods; Key Terms Pairs Game; Key Studies Pairs Game. These contain simulations of key experiments and demonstrations of key concepts.
  • Three extra A2 revision guide modules in pdf format (Individual differences: Issues in the Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Abnormality; Social Psychology: Social Cognition; Cognitive Psychology: Perceptual Processes and Development).
  • A brief A2 coursework summary giving an overview of how to tackle an independent research project.

Resources for Teaching AS & A2 Level Psychology: Teacher Materials

The Teacher Materials package includes a range of multimedia materials to support the teaching of both the AS and the A2 course. These include:

  • A Weekly-Teaching-Plan for both AS and A2 Level. This contains cross-references to the relevant pages in all our A-Level textbooks and also has direct links to all other featured resources appropriate for the topic of the week. At A2 Level, the Weekly Teaching Plan will be based on our Key Topics in A2 approach. However, as the A2 course is optional, teachers will have the opportunity to use a ‘drag and drop’ facility which will allow them to replace one topic with another, in order to configure their weekly plan according to their teaching preferences.
  • A PowerPoint presentation based on each chapter for both AS and A2 Level, to support lectures. This will include chapter headings, sub-headings, summaries, Key Term definitions and approximately 850 slides of graphs diagrams and illustrations.
  • Over 240 overhead projection master sheets at AS and A2 Level showing diagrams, flow-charts and graphs from the books, presented in a format suitable for printing onto OHP acetates or paper.
  • A Multiple-Choice Questions test creator at AS or A2 Level, which allows teachers to create their own MCQ tests based on two or more units, or a Grand Test.
  • A set of sample answers to the AS Workbook, providing teachers with a model against which to assess their students’ notes.
  • A full and thorough set of materials to aid the teaching of the A2 coursework Unit 6. This will include a coursework overview, a step-by-step report guide, a report checklist, the AQA-A mark summary, a sample piece of coursework, a list of common mistakes to be avoided and some A2 stimulus materials to give students suggestions for their own projects.

The Resources for Teaching AS & A2 Level Psychology: Complete Teacher and Student Materials will also allow the access of the material by resource as well as through the framework of the Weekly Teaching Plan. This enables the teacher to access material that spans several topics, which gives them such options as setting a wide variety of multiple choice questions across the specification.

Therefore the CD includes a wealth of material designed to enhance classroom teaching as well as private study, and it provides integration and support for our whole A-Level programme with direct links and references to all our A-Level titles. It will guide both teachers and students through the complete AQA-A A-Level Psychology course with ease.

Author: Fulcher, Eamon

Media: Book
ISBN: 1841696161
Language: English

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