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Responding to Traumatic Events: A Guide for Professionals and Volunteers


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The three previous editions of Marion Gibson’s book have always underlined how urgently we should seek to understand the psychosocial impact of traumatic events such as natural disasters and incidents of terrorism on the individuals and communities involved. Responding to Traumatic Events will continue to guide people through the theories of practice, with edition four providing the readers with the same sound theoretical background, adapted to standards in 2017 and the future. The text will indicate the similarities in practice but highlight that readers, as responders, must always be open to new experiences and learning opportunities they are presented. Updates to this edition include: information and examples on more recent terrorist incidents; reflections on changing trends in types of incidents and new insights to reactions by individuals; changes in legislation; and an integration of ideas

Author: Gibson, Marion

Media: Book
ISBN: 144734667X
Language: English
Pages: 276

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