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School-Based Behavioral and Academic Strategies for Students with ADHD


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This workshop provides an overview of school-based interventions for students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. DuPaul begins the workshop by describing how to implement various school-based interventions, such as organizational/study skills training, peer tutoring, self-management, and computer-assisted instruction. He describes an assessment approach to link a child’s acting-out behavior to behavioral functions. Dr. DuPaul also works through three case examples of children (ages 7, 9, and 13) with ADHD who have difficulty in a school setting. Lastly, progress monitoring, data-based decision making, and special education is covered. Runtime: 290 minutes

Author: DuPaul, George J

Topic: Video – Non-Fiction
Media: Video Product
ISBN: 415841607
Language: English

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