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Self-Concept StoryCards


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Self-Concept StoryCards*by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.????Here is the answer for client-centered therapists who want to add some structure to counseling sessions. Children’s responses to the illustrations and your story prompts reveal needs and conflicts. You can then help youngsters revise their stories to express more adaptive values. This process fosters a transfer of learning to the child’s own experience. Complements Berg,??s other self-concept materials, yet stands on its own as an outstanding therapeutic tool.Contents?????? Part I: Accepting Positive Reinforcement ?????? Part II: Realistic Reference Groups ?????? Part III: Minimizing Failure ?????? Part IV: Minimizing Criticism ?????? Part V: Values Domains of Competence ?????? Part VI: Realistic Expectations ?????? Part VII: Generalizes Success ?????? Part VIII: Self-Reinforcement ?????? Part IX: Internalized Causal Attributions<span class=”Appl

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