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Self-Concept Workbook


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The Self-Concept Workbook*by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.??This workbook supplements the Self-Concept Game. It reinforces self-esteem by encouraging a realistic evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. The child learns to apply nine different kinds of self-talk: Accepting Compliments, Making Realistic Comparisons, Not Overreacting to Failure, Minimizing Criticism, Recognizing Strengths, Expecting What’s Reasonable, Expecting Success, Praising Self, and Taking Credit.Using self-talk, the student can improve his or her self-concept and sense of competence in relation to school, friends, sports, behavior, and physical appearance.??Also available:The Self-Concept Gameby Berthold Berg, Ph.D.??????The Self-Concept Game is an excellent tool to improve self-esteem. This appealing board game is an great way to engage,??and treat,??children who are too old for puppets and toys, but too young to express themselves readily in therapy. It improves self-esteem by giving children a clearer, more realistic picture of themselves in five areas: Scholastic Competence; Social Acceptance; Physical Appearance; Athletic Competence; and Behavioral Competence. It helps them discover their strengths and teaches them strategies for maintaining and enhancing self-esteem.<span style=”

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