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Setting of the Seven Suns: The Age of Grief Duology, Part 2


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War. Pain. Death. From the beginning, such has plagued the world of Airath. The gods-unwilling to deal with the woes of society-sealed a horrible fate for the land. Now, suddenly faced with inevitable death, the races of Airath must brush aside their preconceptions from the past and unite in a struggle for not only liberation, but-ultimately-existence. It seems, however, that such an undertaking is proving more complex than previously thought. The End hangs over the head of the world; so when will it come? Sequel to The Land of the Seven Suns and Three Moons, part two of the Age of Grief Duology by Elisabeth Brownston.

Author: Brownston, Elisabeth

Media: Book
ISBN: 1425907717
Language: English
Pages: 268

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