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Sexual Identity Therapy


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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sexual Identity Therapy is a framework to “aid mental health practitioners in helping people arrive at a healthy and personally acceptable resolution of sexual identity and value conflicts.” It was invented by Warren Throckmorton and Mark Yarhouse, professors at small conservative evangelical colleges. It has been endorsed by former American Psychological Association president Nick Cummings, psychiatrist Robert Spitzer, and the provost of Wheaton College, Stanton Jones. Sexual identity therapy puts the emphasis on how the client wants to live, identifies the core beliefs and helps the client live according to those beliefs. The creators state that their recommendations “are not sexual reorientation therapy protocols in disguise,” but that they “help clients pursue lives they value.” They say clients “have high levels of satisfaction with this approach.” It is presented as an alternative to both sexual orientation change efforts and gay affirmative psychotherapy.

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