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Small Psychology Female Historical Researchers Poster


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Our Women in Psychology poster measures 13 by 19 inches and it is a tribute to some of the famous female forerunners of the field. We tried to choose a sampling from different time eras and different areas of psychology. Margaret Washburn and Mary Calkins were among the first female Phd’s in psychology. Karen Horney was a famous psychoanalyst who among other things, countered Freud’s penis envy with a proposal of male womb envy! Mary Ainsworth was famous for her research on attachment and Mamie Phipps-Clark was famous for the black doll/white doll studies and her research on racial issues.
Printed on High Quality Photo Poster paper
Full color artistic designs of 5 famous Psychologists Size 13 by 19 inches
The Psych Store/Anatomology is the artist and owner of the image- Ships directly from the USA
Great for your office or a gift for a psychologist

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