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Small Psychology Male Historical Researchers Poster


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Our rendition of some of the famous psychology researchers is printed on quality epson poster paper. Our print features Jean Piaget, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, William James, John Watson and Ivan Pavlov. It will be mailed to you in a mailing tube. It is 13 by 19 inches.
Printed on High Quality Photo Poster paper
Full color artistic designs of 7 famous Psychologists Size 13 by 19 inches
The Psych Store/Anatomology is the artist and owner of the image- Ships directly from the USA
Sellers other than the Psych Store/Anatomology are likely to be shipping from overseas and selling this item are unauthorized, fraudulent and likely to have pixelation as a result of theft
Great for your office or a gift for a psychologist

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