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Social Psychology: A Storytelling Approach (Expanded First)


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Social Psychology uses a true storytelling approach to educate readers about the potential of research in the field to shed light on hidden, and not so hidden, influences on human behavior. In every chapter, a story unfolds.
The narratives absorb students as they absorb knowledge about the field. As they are drawn into the stories, students learn about social perception and social inference, the self, and persuasion and attitude change. They discover how compliance, conformity, and obedience affect behavior, and investigate group processes, interpersonal attraction, and intimate relationships.
The latter sections of the text address some of the darker aspects of social psychology through a review of the literature on–and stories about–prejudice, discrimination, aggression, and violence. The final chapter is devoted to the social psychology of genocide and terrorism.
Each chapter also elaborates on the applications of social psychology to health and law, explores the dark and bright side of social psychology, and provides students with opportunities to think like a social psychologist.
Social Psychology is a high-interest, engaging text for both beginning and advanced level survey courses in social psychology.
Leonard Newman, who earned his Ph.D. in social-personality psychology at New York University, is an associate professor at Syracuse University, where he is area director of the Social Psychology program. His research interests include social stigma, psychological defense, and public perceptions of psychological research. Dr. Newman is co-editor (with Ralph Erber) of Understanding Genocide: The Social Psychology of the Holocaust.Ralph Erber, who earned his Ph.D. in psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, is a professor of psychology at DePaul University, where he also serves as associate vice president for Academic Affairs. His research is concerned with how people deal with unwanted feelings, thoughts, and relationships. Dr. Erber is co-author (with M.W. Erber) of Intimate Relationships: Issues, Theories, and Research.”

Author: Newman, Leonard, Author: Erber, Ralph

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ISBN: 1634871367
Language: English
Pages: 720

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