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Social Situations Cards for Adults


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Help adults improve their social skills in a group setting Each card features a hypothetical scenario For 4-14 participants Includes 72 cards plus instructions This card deck is designed for people who want to explore issues common to challenging social situations. These hypothetical situations might be familiar or unfamiliar, realistic or far-fetched, but all scenarios will provide learning opportunities when, at the conclusion, they ask the question, “What do you do?” Situations include a variety of people -ranging from neighbors and acquaintances to family and friends. Players can be anyone involved in social situations. Examples: You are about to have a business lunch with someone you know nothing about and are concerned about how to start the conversation. What do you do? You are at a movie with friends and they keep talking loudly to you during the movie. People are turning around, giving you dirty looks. What do you do? These cards are also part of the LifeSkills Card Decks for Adults Set.

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