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Some Day: Healing Hearts Series


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This book offers a platform to begin the difficult process of helping children say “good-bye” to a dearest loved one(s) whether it is someone who has already died or someone preparing to die. While death is certain to come, it is rarely welcomed. We all want to live long and happy lives with our nearest and dearest. So, letting go and learning to continue to live is not an easy task, even for adults. Children have fewer cognitive resources in grasping this abstract concept. Helping children involves keeping memories alive so the person continues to live “within the heart” long after the loved one is gone. Written in the “loved one’s” voice, this book allows the person who is or has “transitioned to the next life” to speak to the child. The diverse images convey the fact that they are not alone in their experience and children from all around share their feelings. Loved ones and children are supported in making their way through this traumatic event. This books provides a section to personalize to the child’s or family’s memories. in addition, each page has “Conversational Extenders” to guide the adult reader in promoting discussion. The back of the book contains a section on developmental understandings of death and tips for talking about death to younger children. Please see the companion book “Me Without You” that discusses feelings and ways to keep their loved one alive. To buy the two-book set at a reduced cost, please visit The proceeds from the sale of this book goes to a fund for children who have lost their parent to cancer.

Author: Jobey, Janice

Topic: Children’s Books/All Ages
Media: Book
ISBN: 069288436X
Language: English
Pages: 36

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