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Sore Throat Remedies: 26 Home Remedies & Natural Treatments for Your Sore, Scratchy Throat


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Tired of that sore, scratchy throat? Wondering what you can do? Over the years I’ve collected old home remedy recipes and books listing what helps make a sore throat feel better. Some of these books list dangerous ingredients that are now banned from use. I’ve carefully edited out mentions of home remedies that appear to contain toxic ingredients. With this book you get 26 natural concoctions that can be made from basic foods and cooking items found in every kitchen – natural treatments made from natural ingredients. Some organic ingredients will only be found at a health food store. Like I mentioned above, some ingredients will be found in your garage or at the hardware store, so you have to take care when using these items or you’ll do more harm to your health than good. If you want to learn vintage natural treatments and find out how to ease the pain of a sore throat, I’ve included these recipes too. Although many sore throat irritations are treated with simple remedies that you’ll find in this book, if you suffer chronic sore throat pain always remember to seek out professional healthcare treatments from a trusted family physician if your sore throat persists after trying home treatments, especially if it lasts 7 days. Download “Sore Throat Remedies” today. You can click on the ‘Look Inside This Book’ button at the top of page (on the thumbnail book cover) to read a free sample now, and decide for yourself if this book is what you need. Remember: If you wake up with a scratchy throat or you suffer from chronic store throat, then this book could very well be your answer to natural relief. Don’t put up with the sore throat pain any longer. Get your copy of “Sore Throat Remedies” today.

Author: Johnson, Steve

Topic: Consumer Health
Media: Book
ISBN: 1495907147
Language: English
Pages: 50

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