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Spiders on Drugs Poster


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This 18 by 24 inch poster is an artistic rendition of Dr. Peter Witt’s research on spiders and the effects of drugs on web building. It is on very high quality, heavy weight, achival poster paper. It comes packaged in a poster tube. Dr. Peter Witt spent over 22 years investigating spider web building and its sensitivity to drugs. He did his analysis by measuring and analyzing photographs of webs build under different circumstances. These images are replications of some of his photographs in his book, A Spider’s Web; Problems in Regulatory Biology; [by] Peter N. Witt, Charles F. Reed [and] David B. Peakall Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Springer-Verlag, 1968. Viii, 107 p. illus. 26 cm. In the 1970’s he continued his work with spiders by studying the effects of web building in outer space. It should be noted that all plants have developed methods for survival such as hairy roots, sticky leaves, thorns etc. It is believed that both caffeine and THC are natural methods that plants use for survival to keep insects and arachnids from eating them. They act as an insect repellant which may be one of the reasons why the webs under those conditions look so altered from the normal patterning. Methamphetamine in contrast is more of a laboratory made drug and may not have the same toxic effects as the natural forms of insect repellants manufactured by nature. Although Witt’s intention for studying spider’s nervous systems were to gain clues about the human nervous system, it is important to remember that there are vast differences in structure and function. Whereever you decide to hang this, it will inevitably be a conversation starter.

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