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Strategies for Anger Management Cards


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Engaging card game helps develop skills for anger management and conflict resolution Can be used alone or in conjunction with the Strategies for Anger Management Workbook Includes 72 cards and instructions Grades 7-12 This card game is designed to facilitate groups or individual sessions aimed at developing skills for anger management and conflict resolution. These cards can be used in a variety of creative ways to engage participants in exploring the feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors associated with anger. Examples: What is the benefit of writing letters to people we are angry with, even if we never send the letters? Can you count how many times you have been angry in the last week? If you were involved in a conflict with a family member in your home, where would you go to take a ‘time out’? Contents: 72 Cards Instructions These cards are based on the activities in the book Strategies for Anger Management Workbook.??

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