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The Berenstain Bears Good Behavior Deluxe Kit


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  • Reinforce positive behaviors??
  • Can be used in classrooms, counseling groups, or for individual students
  • Includes a card game, activity book, bingo game, posters, and more
  • Ages: 3-8

Reinforces positive behaviors such as listening to others, sharing, cooperating, following the rules, and being honest, kind, respectful, responsible, and helpful. The complete kit can be used for the entire classroom, in counseling groups, or for individual students.

Kit includes one each of the following:

Good Behavior Card Game
Good behavior is a habit that all children need to learn, and this card game can be a great start! Played like the classic game of Go Fish, this card game reinforces 13 positive behaviors: sharing, listening to others, working hard, following the rules, being responsible, being honest, using good manners, being kind, taking turns, talking about problems, respecting differences, cooperating, and being helpful.

Good Behavior Activity Book (1 pack of 25)
The 16-page activity book is filled with activities that reinforce good behaviors like helping, sharing, and following rules. Activity topics include: Complaining Doesn’t Help, Using Good Manners, Taking Your Turn, Working Out Problems, Helping Others, and more!

Good Behavior Bingo
This game teaches kids the importance of being helpful, following the rules, cooperating with others, and more. This new bingo game is a perfect way to teach emotional intelligence skills in counseling sessions or classrooms.

Set of 4 Good Behavior Laminated Posters
Poster titles:??Be Kind,??Be Responsible,??Take Turns,??Use Good Manners

Good Behavior Ball
This ball reinforces positive behaviors such as being kind, honest, responsible, and helpful, as well as learning to share and cooperate with others.

Also includes:

Reward Certificates (A pad of 50)
CD to print out additional certificates
Air pump
Canvas Bag (not sold separately)??

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