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Violence Against Girls and Women [2 Volumes]: International Perspectives



Millions of women around the world–some data suggests as many as three in every four women–face violence against them throughout their lifetimes. The incidences range from the earliest stages of life with infanticide, to child trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence, to the end of life by elder abuse. This two-volume set provides a comprehensively broad treatment of the global problem of violence against women, addressing less commonly discussed subjects such as domestic violence in lesbian couples, abuse within the context of war crimes, and the incidence of violence and abuse against women internationally as compared to within the United States.

Editor: Sigal, Janet A, Author: Sigal, Janet A, Editor: Denmark, Florence L, Author: Denmark, Florence L

Topic: Politics / Current Events
Media: Book
ISBN: 1440803358
Language: English
Pages: 549

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