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Vitality of Objects: Exploring the Work of Christopher Bollas


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`One of the most interesting theorists in contemporary psychoanalysis, Bollas emphasizes both the creativity of subjectivity itself and the key place of experience in the formation of psychical constructions and fantasy’ – Anthony Elliott, Centre for Critical Theory, University of the West of England

This eclectic collection of essays reflects the far-reaching, multi-dimensional influence of Christopher Bollas. Bollas galvanises our understanding of what happens when people encounter the objects – the endlessly variegated content – of external reality. Each of us has our own unique idiom through which we endow objects – a painting, a football, a stranger – with special meaning. Bollas has added depth to our understanding of these relationships with vitality rarely found in psychoanalytic writing. The contributors to this volume offer definitions and illustrations that make Bollas’ thought accessible for those approaching his work for the first time and illuminating for those more familiar with his canon. The Vitality of Objects reveals the possibilities for self-expression and growth that figure in the process of object relations and shows how and why thinkers and artists from so many different perspectives are attracted to Bollas’ thought.

Editor: Scalia, Joseph

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 826455689
Language: English
Pages: 256

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