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Who’s Responsible? Game


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Who,??s Responsible?The game that teaches kids to do the right thing . . . even when nobody,??s lookingby Max Nass, LMHC, and Marcia Nass, MSMake character education fun!This exciting ,??who-done-it,?? game teaches kids how to make responsible choices.Play revolves around three sets of cards labeled: Who?, What?, and Where? As in the classic detective game Clue, one card of each type is placed in a Secret Envelope. Working together, players try to find out which cards are in the envelope. Their goal is to discover who commits a responsible act, what that act is, and where it takes place. Along the way, they respond to thought-provoking questions that ask them to evaluate behavioral choices. A colorful poster offers guidance: It lists five things kids should consider before making important decisions. With pawns in the form of little sneakers and an engaging board showing all the characters, acts, and locations, this game lets kids have fun as they learn to use good judgment and behave responsibly,??even when no one is looking. For 2 to 4 players.Includes Instructions; 48 Decision Cards; 9 Who? Cards; 9 What? Cards; 9 Where? Cards; 4 Sneaker Tokens; 1 Secret Envelope; 1 Game Board; 50 Chips; and 1 Poster (W-618A)

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