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Wounded Personalities: A Practical Guide to Understanding Personality Disorders


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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick DouglassThis book focuses on an area in abnormal psychology known as “personality disorders.” In both psychology and psychiatry, personality disorders are a special kind of mental health condition. This book takes a sensitive thoughtful approach to the subject of personality disorders. Psychiatrists use terms such as narcissist, borderline, schizoid, and histrionic to describe types of dysfunctional human personalities. What do these terms mean and what distinguishes these individuals from the rest of us? This book explores these personality types, and others, in term of behaviors, traits, and thought processes. In addition, it seeks to explain the possible roots of these unique disorders.Borderline NarcissismHistrionicSchizoidAvoidantDependentSelf-DefeatingCodependency “Wounded Personalities” seeks to explain what is meant by the psychological concept “personality disorder.” In this book, Gregory has managed to synthesize all the pieces of his growing understanding of these personality disorders, beginning with an understanding of the vital importance of attachment and empathy to the growing child and the poisonous effect of shame to the developing Self. He explains the various signs of personality disorders in a way that helps us to recognize these traits in others or in ourselves.He also explains the process of healing that must occur if we are to allow ourselves to develop in healthier ways.His explanations are clear and aimed at helping the general population to understand this very complex aspect of mental health.Edward Livingston Hicks, M.D. Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

Foreword by: Hicks M D, Edward Livingston, Author: Pacana, G P

Topic: Psychology
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ISBN: 1530105706
Language: English
Pages: 130

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