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Our Mission

Website Overview

Mission strives to help individuals heal from trauma by providing information from industry experts and putting 100% of profits from the Psychology Superstore and Donations into helping heal trauma worldwide.

Funds will be used for trauma-related research, training, treatment, and prevention.


Providing World-Class Resources in One Location


The Collective Trauma Library is the first place to learn about and research psychological trauma in one central location. The library includes information from top experts including a trauma overview, treatment modalities, experiential therapies, suggested treatment methods, experts per topic, research, symptoms, and much more to be added ongoing.

Currently there are over 250 pages with definitions and links to authoritative websites. Some pages already have expanded information such as videos, topic experts, articles, organizations, and related books for sale.

Expert Blogs:

Our blogs provide a forum for leading trauma experts to share their research, ideas, and opinions related to healing trauma. Also included will be interviews, success stories, product reviews, and updates related to training, advocacy, and education.  

Resource Directory:

The resource section includes a growing directory of external websites for both professionals and the public with apps, podcasts, videos, trainings, worksheets, professional organizations, services, therapy memes, and more, all related to trauma.

Psychology Superstore: offers the first large-scale Psychology Superstore. The store offers more than 83,000 psychology-related books always sold for 10% the cover price along with 5,000 products for mental health professionals, caretakers, educators, trauma survivors, and the general public.

Current products include books, therapy supplies, coping tools, and other categories such as office decor, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and others. Modality-based equipment such as sand tray therapy supplies and other specific niche products are being added monthly.  All items are shipped directly from the manufacturers and have a price match guarantee.

Alley’s Story:

Follow Alley’s journey through trauma therapy. Through drawing various “parts” of herself in sketchbooks, Alley discovers how she can process the past and begin to heal. Based on actual ongoing therapy sessions, this fictionalized cartoon tale includes characters that represent the path towards healing from complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

Donate to support the movement towards healing global trauma.