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Our Mission

Mission: Traumatized.com strives to help individuals heal from trauma by providing information from industry experts and putting 100% of profits into helping heal trauma worldwide.

Library –

The library is an ever-expanding collection of information about trauma for mental health professionals and the public including leading experts, treatment modalities, coping skills, and more.

Resources –

The resource section includes links to external websites for additional information related to trauma. Links are provided for apps, podcasts, software, memes, videos, and much more.

Store –

The psychology superstore offers more than 80,000 psychology-related books and 5,000 products for mental health professionals, caretakers, educators, those affected by trauma, and the general public. Products include therapy supplies, coping tools, and modality-based equipment such as art therapy, sand tray, psychodrama supplies, as well as activities, posters, office decor, and more.

Blog –

The blog provides an open forum for experts to share their recent discoveries, ideas, or opinions related to trauma. Also included are interviews, success stories, product reviews, and updates on Traumatized.com.

Alley’s Story –

Follow Alley’s journey through trauma therapy. Through drawing various “parts” of herself in sketchbooks, Alley discovers how she can process the past and begin to heal. Based on actual ongoing therapy sessions, this fictionalized cartoon tale includes characters that represent the path towards healing from complex trauma.