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What We Support

Trauma Research

Clinical research propels the knowledge needed for effective and streamlined healing methods. Initially seeks to establish a baseline by funding a trial comparing all leading healing modalities to discover what treatment methods offer the highest potential outcomes for different categories of trauma. Ongoing decisions for the allocation of funds will be held by a group of professional board members who will meet regularly. Industry leaders, organizations, and credentialed individuals will be considered for receiving funds for research.

Public Outreach and Advocacy

Mental health starts with families at home. aims to educate the public about trauma using facts based on widely accepted research and make the information widely available to families, schools, and workplaces about recognizing trauma, prevention methods, how to build a resilient family, and ways to help those who are suffering.

Free or Low Cost Counseling

Healing others begins with the self. An ultimate goal is to provide free or low cost counseling sessions to those ready and willing to put in the work on healing themselves. Possibilities include outreach programs, group counseling, and private sessions.

Alley’s Story –

Witness Alley’s journey through trauma therapy. Based on actual ongoing therapy sessions past and present, this fictionalized cartoon tale includes characters that represent the different parts of self working towards healing from complex trauma.