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Our Mission

Traumatized.com is dedicated to healing trauma by providing a central place to learn about trauma and find resources for treatment. The website provides a central hub of knowledge about trauma including a library of information, resources, expert blogs, a trauma survivor’s story and a psychology superstore.

Traumatized.com is newly launched in early 2019. Once the website is self-sustaining, all profits from the store and donations will go towards healing trauma through funding research, education and assistance.

Learn -

Mental Health Professionals -

Those in practice or training will find a central hub of knowledge including diagnostic information, therapy modalities, private practice tips, training opportunities, educational requirements, current research, emerging methods, ceu credits, worksheets, and industry leaders.

General Public -

We aim to bridge the gap between mental health professionals and the public by offering information about trauma, treatment methods, coping skills, how to seek help for yourself or others, details about choosing a therapist, funding assistance, and more.

Resources -

Find external websites related to trauma categorized by topic including apps, podcasts, industry sites, software, memes, free downloads, meditations, videos, youtube channels, etc.

Store -

The psychology superstore is for mental professionals, trauma survivors, caretakers, educators, and others to find products related to helping heal trauma whether at home, school, work, or in session. Products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

Blog -

Stay up to date with the latest interviews from industry leaders, articles, memes, product reviews, sales, success stories, and other updates relating to the goals of Traumatized.com.

Alley’s Story -

Witness Alley’s journey through trauma therapy. Based on actual ongoing therapy sessions past and present, this fictionalized cartoon tale includes characters that represent the different parts of self working towards healing from complex trauma.

Please consider making Traumatized.com your online store for all your healing needs. With every purchase, new research will be funded along with support to professionals, survivors, and public advocacy. In addition, you can share our message on social media in order to help us grow quickly. To view all shareable content, visit our share page.