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Trauma therapy told through Sketchbooks

Alley was officially diagnosed with Complex PTSD caused by developmental trauma, abandonment, emotional/physical abuse, shock trauma, and complicated grief. She has had symptoms including codependency, emotional flashbacks, hyperarousal, hypoarousal, loss of trust, isolation, depression, low self-confidence, numbness, increased startle effect, and chronic collapse into the freeze response when triggered or too stressed.

These comics are based on fictionalized interpretations of ongoing therapy with a seasoned trauma therapist. Alley communicates her most difficult feelings as artwork within sketchbooks to use in therapy. Utilizing “parts therapy” along with somatic-based interventions and traditional talk therapy, she has begun to get in touch with the fragmented aspects of herself on her path towards healing and ultimately, wholeness.

As is typical with trauma, the narrative is evolving from fragmented stories and cycles through whatever is most dominant weekly due to triggers, flashbacks, anniversary dates, and the general cyclical nature of healing.