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Anger IQ


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Anger IQ,?Give teens and adults the skills they need to make good decisions and avoid violence.Research shows that all people, not just those prone to violence, are at risk of making poor decisions when angry. Anger IQteaches teens and adults the impact of anger on the decision-making process so that they can better control their actions when angry feelings erupt. Questions and prompts encourage players to analyze anger-provoking situations, identify possible consequences of bad decisions, and make good choices. ,??Stop and think carefully before you act,?? and ,??avoid violence and stereotypes,?? are just two of the guidelines presented in the game. Players develop and improve important skills, including anger management, interpersonal relations, and decision making.Includes Rules; Facilitator Guidelines; 4 Decks of Cards; Play Money; 1 Guidelines Sheet; 1 Skills Sheet; and a CD with PowerPoint Presentation providing an optional introduction to the game

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