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Furious Fred, Revised


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Furious Fred??Furious Fred?? is an educational board game designed to teach important concepts and practical skills for controlling anger and avoiding violence. Fred is a student who in the past has been quick to get angry and quick to try to get back at others with screaming, threats, pushing, and hitting. Players earn points by giving Fred good advice on how to deal with frustrating and anger provoking situations, both at school and at home. Fred is teased, bullied, blamed by a teacher for something he didn’t do, frustrated when his sister changes the TV channel, etc.??Players are introduced to the concept that anger can carry Fred towards actions that will be regretted later. Skills are introduced that help Fred stay calm, make good decisions, and take actions that will help himself instead of trying to hurt others. The skills include:??Staying Calm Skills:??Take deep breaths??Count slowly to 10????Remind yourself??Action Skills:??Say why you are angry??Ignore??Say what you want??Get help??Students with anger and aggression problems are usually anxious and defensive whenever the subject i

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