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One of a Kind: A Self-Esteem Game


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One of a KindA Self-Esteem Card Gameby Max Nass, LMHC and Marcia Nass, M.S.Based on the popular game Crazy Eights, this lively card game delivers fast-paced fun while helping kids become aware of their unique and special qualities. Players draw, match, and shed cards, answering questions as they go. (For example: ,??Would you choose yourself as a friend? Why or why not?,??)Because only half of the cards include questions, the game moves along at a brisk pace. Special cards,??Switch Direction, Leap, and Wild Cards,??introduce an element of surprise. Players race to get rid of their cards and be first to proclaim ,??One of a Kind.,?? For added excitement, the rules provide a way for quick-thinking players to jump in at the last minute and keep the game alive.<br style=”font:

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