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100 Years of Happiness: Insights and Findings from the Experts


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We all want to be happy, but what does that mean, and how do we get there? These questions may be a popular topic of positive psychology books in recent years, but interest in the subject stretches back over a century. Distinguished authors Nathan Carlin and Donald Capps examine opinions, research studies, and insights about happiness from the 18th century through today.

100 Years of Happiness: Insights and Findings from the Experts is organized into three sections–one that explores insights from philosophers, another part that reviews study results from researchers, and a final section that casts some skepticism on the study of happiness. The authors review what the experts have found, and explore such questions as: Is happiness the goal of life? Is it possible to measure happiness? Is it possible to become happier? What is the difference between unhappiness and depression? If humankind could eliminate unhappiness from the human condition, should we? This fascinating text provides a basis for readers to develop their own conclusions, and to continue humankind’s ongoing discourse on the subject.

Author: Carlin, Nathan, Author: Capps, Donald

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1440803625
Language: English
Pages: 210

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